Who are we


Boston Sino Entrepreneur Foundation is a non-governmental entity, with a principal purpose of to help local startups succeed through free publicity, education, business connections, resources. We host the US-China Innovation Competition annually to provide a platform for early stage startups to connect with the Chinese innovation and Chinese capitals.


Growth History


Through 3 years of continuous expansion, we have formed a powerful sino entrepreneurial community in New England. More than 5,000 people with various startup backgrounds gathered together in our annual Boston Sino Entrepreneurial summit to foster meaningful and broader collaborations between China and the U.S.. We work with 400+ partners, including 300+ media partners, 50+ China and U.S. startup incubators and 200+ investors from all over the world.




BSEF is home to hundreds of startups, including BlinkCard, Daily Look, R-storm, Sensii. Every year, we attract 80+ startup teams to participate in our annual startup competition. Over the past three years, the total funding raised by our co-work startups in BSEF community has exceeded 100 million US dollars.