The Entrepreneurial Contest is design to provide entrepreneurs with both mentors who will provide them with valuable feedback on their ideas, business model, operation plan, marketing plan and financial projections and funding to help them continue growing their businesses. Thus, we divide the contest into three parts: Business Plan reviewing, preliminary contest (Closed-door) and Final Contest( Open-to-public)

The summit is primarily sponsored by the UnitedData Group (www.uniteddata.com) The Group is dedicated to operating the data ecosystem. The services provision ranges from asset management, lifecycle, core technology and data ecosystem of data center.

PHASE 1—BUSINESS PLAN (Jan 28, 2018 —— Apr 7, 2018)

Participants will submit their business plans via the application portal on our site www.bsef.us  Our mentors and graders will rank the top 12 teams according to the quality of their business plans. Business plans will be evaluated by different aspects, including market size, business model, operation capacity, integrated marketing plan and financial plan, etc. After the grading process, participants will receive scores and feedback from the judges.

PHASE 2 — Close-door PRELIMINARY CONTEST  (Apr 21, 2018)

The top 12 teams chosen from our application pool will be invited to go on a pitch in our preliminary contest. The preliminary contest is going to be a closed-door pitching contest. Mentors will take further look at participants business model and give them professional advice accordingly. The final 8 teams will be chosen and asked to do a formal pitching in the final contest. There will be lots of angel investors travelling from China to Boston to participant in the summit at that time.

PHASE 3 FINAL CONTEST (Apr 22, 2018)

On the final contest, participants, guest speakers, mentors, and BP graders will come together to watch the final competition. Each team will have 12 to 15 minutes to present their business ideas accompanied with a Q&A section in the end. The first, second, and third prize winners will be announced after the competition. We also be asking the winning team if they are interested in expand the business in China. To know more information about our China Visit program, please keep track on our updates!